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"Free poker" is poker just for fun against real people on the internet.  There are plenty of real money poker sites that offer practice tables and bill themselves as free poker.  

There is also at least one site that runs 24 / 7 / 365 offering nothing but free online poker games for play money, with no fees or risk to the recreational poker player who wants to play free poker online, meet new people and compete without risking real money.  

FREE POKER Site Review -

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Choosing a free internet poker site to review was easy - we only found one site on the internet that is dedicated to offering 100% free multiplayer online poker games

There are a number of internet poker sites that offer 'play money' poker tables or 'practice' tables for their players to try the software prior to playing at their real money tables, however, play 4 fun is dedicated to play money players who only want to play free poker games for fun with others who share their love of free online poker.

I tried the site and it lived up to its reputation - it is fun! From the orange lobby with the surfer dude graphic to the fast action and Multi-Table free poker tournaments.

Why pick a free internet poker site rather than simply playing at the free poker tables at a regular online poker site?  Technically, there is no difference, but where are you likely to be treated better and to get great customer service?  At an online poker site that only offers free tables to entice you into their real money tables, or at a site that offers free poker tables as the main course?  Expect to get bombarded with emails and offers to 'upgrade' to real money if you join a real money poker site.

Additionally, was the only online poker site we found that offered regularly scheduled free online poker tournaments in the multi-table format.  They currently have a $50,000 buy-in free online poker tournament scheduled weekly that pays out over $1,000,000 (play money of course). With the tiered buy in structure, that one million comes in handy by allowing you to go to any table on the site.

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