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GotToGet! presents an in-depth look at Poker Hands. Click on the links to the left, or scroll down to view the winning order of poker hands.  First we  offer an illustrated view of poker hands from the best hand - a Royal Flush, down the worst - high card.  Next is offered a detailed explanation of the official rules of poker hands.  For your convenience, we also offer a stripped down version with pictures and titles of official poker hands in standard order so that you can print it and keep it handy as your poker hands cheat sheet.  And for the Holdem fans, we offer a chart of Texas Holdem Starting Cards - there are 168 different pairs of starting cards sorted in 8 groups of different strengths so that you'll know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em!

Oh, last thing. Poker is a game of skill, but unlike Blackjack, the skill goes beyond the mathematical. The real challenge of poker is in reading your opponent. Even the best poker face usually has a tell or two.

The poker hands below are ranked in order from highest (Royal Flush) to lowest (high card).

Royal Flush

picture ace spades  picture royal flush  picture queen spades  picture jack spades  picture - jack spades

Straight Flush

picture straight flush       


picture 4 of a kind       

Full House

full house picture       


flush picture       


straight picture         


3 of a kind picture       

Two Pair

two pair picture         

One Pair

one pair picture       

High Card

high card ace                      Printable Version


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